Monday August 11 2014

How you can Inspire Good™

It’s time to change the way the world thinks about food.

President and Founder Sylvie Rochette created Epicure with the goal of providing her family with quick, healthy, and wholesome meals. To this day, there is nothing in our products that President Sylvie wouldn’t feed to her own family.

This is why we are so excited to launch the Good Food. Real Fast.™ movement!

Join the movement!

Our mission is to inspire time-starved people around the world to live healthy, fulfilling lives through good food experiences. To savour those everyday moments that connect to make us who we are as individuals, parents, mentors, and leaders.

The Good Food. Real Fast. movement is dedicated to getting people to eat real food. This means knowing where your food comes from, cooking with real ingredients, and cutting back on sugar, fat and salt—all while savouring the flavour.

The movement is about giving everyone the tools and inspiration to help make small changes for a healthier life. If we change what’s on our plates, we can change the world.

Good Food. Real Fast.

How can you join?

  • Learn more and join the Good Food. Real Fast. movement here.
  • Find out more about the Good Food. Real Fast. collections here.
  • Use #goodfoodrealfast on social media to spread the movement online and connect with everyone who has joined the movement.

With Epicure, clean eating is a lifestyle choice that never compromises on taste. So get up close and personal with your food and join the Good Food. Real Fast. movement today!


Monday August 11 2014

Propageons le bon : comment faire

Il est temps de changer notre façon de penser en matière d’alimentation.

La Présidente et Fondatrice Sylvie Rochette a créé Épicure pour offrir à sa famille des repas rapides et faciles, composés d’ingrédients sains. Nos produits n’ont jamais contenu, et ne contiendront jamais d’ingrédients que la Présidente Sylvie ne servirait pas elle-même à sa famille.

Voilà pourquoi nous sommes si emballés de lancer le mouvement Du vrai. Vite fait.!

joignez-vous au mouvement

Notre mission est d’inspirer les gens pressés à bien s’alimenter pour mener une vie saine et épanouissante, et de savourer ces moments du quotidien qui font de nous les individus, parents, mentors et leaders que nous sommes.

Le mouvement Du vrai. Vite fait. vise à encourager les gens à manger de vrais aliments. Cela veut dire savoir d’où provient notre nourriture, cuisiner avec des ingrédients authentiques, limiter le sucre, le gras et le sodium – et déguster toutes les saveurs.

Le but de ce mouvement est de donner à tout le monde les outils et l’inspiration nécessaires pour faire de petits changements vers une vie plus saine. En changeant ce que contient notre assiette, nous pouvons changer le monde.

Du Vrai. Vite Fait.

Comment vous joindre au mouvement?

  • Apprenez-en plus et joignez-vous au mouvement Du vrai. Vite fait. ici.
  • Découvrez les collections Du vrai. Vite fait.
  • Utilisez le mot-clic #duvraivitefait dans les médias sociaux pour propager le mouvement en ligne et pour réseauter avec les personnes qui se sont jointes au mouvement.

Avec Épicure, s’alimenter est un style de vie, un choix où l’on ne fait aucun compromis sur le goût. Alors, apprenez à bien connaître vos aliments et joignez-vous dès aujourd’hui au mouvement Du vrai. Vite fait.


Tuesday July 8 2014

3 Tips for Chilling Out This Summer

Squeeze in all the summer fun on the patio in style. Chill, sip, and relax with iced drinks and treats within the comfort of your own home—plus you can create your own favourite flavour combinations.

Try these tips and tricks for perfect al fresco frosty delights:

1- Tea tango!

“Kids Party” Iced Tea

The secret’s out; simply heat and steep plenty of tea in water in a pan, or pour boiling water over tea in a jug, following the recipe directions.

Cool before chilling, and add ice cubes and water—or strain hot steeped tea over ice cubes, adjusting the strength by topping up with water.

Turn iced tea up a notch by stirring in fruit juice, refreshing fruit, and ice cubes laced with summer’s offerings.

2- Get frosty!

Really Simple Infused Ice Cubes

Cool a scorching summer’s day with frosty ice cubes. Create, make, and have fun with your own refreshing flavour combos. Freeze tea, juice, and summer’s bounty of fruit.

3- Pop an ice pop!

Really Simple Infused Ice Cubes

Let your leftovers take centre-stage. No big words, no long lists—turn tea, juice, the last handful of fruit, and smoothies into a healthier version of store-bought ice pops. Save waste and your wallet!

Try these chilled recipes tonight:

Mai Tai Iced Tea

Mai Tai Iced Tea

Elderflower Bubble Iced Tea

Elderflower Bubble Iced Tea

Summer Lovin’ Sweet Bourbon Tea

Summer Lovin’ Sweet Bourbon Tea

 Great news! The Iced Tea Collection is a July Host exclusive this month!

Iced Tea Collection

Happy sipping! Book a Party today to sip up these great deals.


Sunday June 15 2014

3 Tips for the Best Summer Burgers

Rule the grill this summer with big juicy burgers! What makes this classic so incredible is the versatility. Create a brand new burger every night with endless flavour combinations.

Here are 3 tips to keep things exciting throughout patio season:

1 – Swap out the fatty patty!

Try a healthier alternative to ground beef like lean ground beef, ground turkey, ground chicken, or grilled fish. For the veggie-inclined, use lentils or other legumes.

Nutty Lentil Burgers

Nutty Lentil

2 – Dress it up!

Go tried-and-true with your toppings, or get a little crazy! We’re lovin’ fresh veggies like red peppers and spinach, a spoonful of our Guacamole and Salsa, cheesy flavours like bleu or brie, and even a drizzle of our fiery Sriracha. And, of course, don’t forget mustard (Honey or Sweet & Spicy) and our Big Burger Sauce!

Turkey Burger

Turkey Burger

3 – Swap the bun!

A bun by any other name would taste as good! Mix it up with a gluten-free bun, pretzel bread, or even a large lettuce leaf.

Philly Steak Pretzel Burger

Philly Steak Pretzel Burger

Mommy Burger

Mommy Burger

The cook is ALSO on vacation – reach for the Take 5 Big Burger Combo when you want juicy, meaty flavour fast!

For more burger recipes, visit our Pinterest page.


Wednesday June 4 2014

You won’t believe what you can do with the Bread Dippers!

Have you met the three musketeers of summer: the Bread Dippers? They are your answer to fast, no-cook flavour this season, and a great trio for any occasion.


Stock up on bread and pair with a new dipping buddy. Release the taste of the Mediterranean when you add Balsamic Vinegar and oil.

Here are some ideas for enjoying their incredible versatility:

  1. Enjoy with veggies for an easy, low-fat snack on busy days.
  2. Bring the ristorante home: drizzle over thin crust pizza as a finishing sauce, or over pasta.
  3. Layer the flavour with your favourite dips — the bold taste brings out the smooth side of hummus or bean dips.


This amazing set of 3 is a must-have heading into patio season is only available for June Hosts, so book a Party today!