Tuesday July 8 2014

3 Tips for Chilling Out This Summer

Squeeze in all the summer fun on the patio in style. Chill, sip, and relax with iced drinks and treats within the comfort of your own home—plus you can create your own favourite flavour combinations.

Try these tips and tricks for perfect al fresco frosty delights:

1- Tea tango!

“Kids Party” Iced Tea

The secret’s out; simply heat and steep plenty of tea in water in a pan, or pour boiling water over tea in a jug, following the recipe directions.

Cool before chilling, and add ice cubes and water—or strain hot steeped tea over ice cubes, adjusting the strength by topping up with water.

Turn iced tea up a notch by stirring in fruit juice, refreshing fruit, and ice cubes laced with summer’s offerings.

2- Get frosty!

Really Simple Infused Ice Cubes

Cool a scorching summer’s day with frosty ice cubes. Create, make, and have fun with your own refreshing flavour combos. Freeze tea, juice, and summer’s bounty of fruit.

3- Pop an ice pop!

Really Simple Infused Ice Cubes

Let your leftovers take centre-stage. No big words, no long lists—turn tea, juice, the last handful of fruit, and smoothies into a healthier version of store-bought ice pops. Save waste and your wallet!

Try these chilled recipes tonight:

Mai Tai Iced Tea

Mai Tai Iced Tea

Elderflower Bubble Iced Tea

Elderflower Bubble Iced Tea

Summer Lovin’ Sweet Bourbon Tea

Summer Lovin’ Sweet Bourbon Tea

 Great news! The Iced Tea Collection is a July Host exclusive this month!

Iced Tea Collection

Happy sipping! Book a Party today to sip up these great deals.


Sunday June 15 2014

3 Tips for the Best Summer Burgers

Rule the grill this summer with big juicy burgers! What makes this classic so incredible is the versatility. Create a brand new burger every night with endless flavour combinations.

Here are 3 tips to keep things exciting throughout patio season:

1 – Swap out the fatty patty!

Try a healthier alternative to ground beef like lean ground beef, ground turkey, ground chicken, or grilled fish. For the veggie-inclined, use lentils or other legumes.

Nutty Lentil Burgers

Nutty Lentil

2 – Dress it up!

Go tried-and-true with your toppings, or get a little crazy! We’re lovin’ fresh veggies like red peppers and spinach, a spoonful of our Guacamole and Salsa, cheesy flavours like bleu or brie, and even a drizzle of our fiery Sriracha. And, of course, don’t forget mustard (Honey or Sweet & Spicy) and our Big Burger Sauce!

Turkey Burger

Turkey Burger

3 – Swap the bun!

A bun by any other name would taste as good! Mix it up with a gluten-free bun, pretzel bread, or even a large lettuce leaf.

Philly Steak Pretzel Burger

Philly Steak Pretzel Burger

Mommy Burger

Mommy Burger

The cook is ALSO on vacation – reach for the Take 5 Big Burger Combo when you want juicy, meaty flavour fast!

For more burger recipes, visit our Pinterest page.


Wednesday June 4 2014

You won’t believe what you can do with the Bread Dippers!

Have you met the three musketeers of summer: the Bread Dippers? They are your answer to fast, no-cook flavour this season, and a great trio for any occasion.


Stock up on bread and pair with a new dipping buddy. Release the taste of the Mediterranean when you add Balsamic Vinegar and oil.

Here are some ideas for enjoying their incredible versatility:

  1. Enjoy with veggies for an easy, low-fat snack on busy days.
  2. Bring the ristorante home: drizzle over thin crust pizza as a finishing sauce, or over pasta.
  3. Layer the flavour with your favourite dips — the bold taste brings out the smooth side of hummus or bean dips.


This amazing set of 3 is a must-have heading into patio season is only available for June Hosts, so book a Party today!


Thursday May 8 2014

Label Reading 101

Go on, become a savvy Foodie! Focus on eating real, wholesome foods, found closest to that in nature, not just one particular nutrient. To eat clean and enjoy good food, enjoy a holistic diet with minimally processed foods such as: brightly coloured veggies and fruits, whole grains, lean protein, healthy fats (hint: liquid at room temperature) and low-fat dairy.


If pre-packaged food is a must, you can become label savvy without having to do a lot of math.

1. Look at the ingredient list first!

  • Ask yourself: what are you about to eat? Does it come from a plant or animal?
  • Would you find this ingredient in your grandma’s kitchen? Tip: if you can’t pronounce or recognize the ingredient, chances are your body will not be able to either.
  • Unless it is sugar, oil or salt. Is sugar, fat or salt listed in the first 3 ingredients? Ingredients are listed by weight.

2. Beware of misleading food labels

  • How much will you actually eat? Serving sizes can be misleading. If you would eat larger than one portion, what does that mean for calories, sugar, fat and salt? Remember, chances are you will not just eat ½ a cookie.
  • How does this work holistically with what you are going to eat with it? Is this a snack, a meal or part of your well balanced meal?
  • Fat: Know good fats from bad fats. Think MOP (MOP up the Good Fats) = Monounsaturated, Omega 3 & 6 (also a part of polyunsaturated group) and Polyunsaturated
  • Sugar: Labels do not count naturally occurring sugar from fruit and milk, with added refined sugar. Use the ingredient list to assess if it is naturally occurring or is refined and added. Use to compare and choose pre-packaged foods with less sugar.
  • Salt: Sodium is a component of salt which can be listed in the ingredient list multiple times (e.g. salt, monosodium glutamate (MSG), brine, sodium benzoate)


3. % Daily value (DV)

  • This is based on a 2,000 calories-a-day diet. The % DV tells you if there is a lot (>15%) of a little (<5%) of that nutrient in there.
  • Use this to compare products and assess of nutrients you want to get more of, like fibre, calcium and Vitamin C:

Ok, so you love numbers! Here are the diet math tips & tricks for all of you number-crunchers out there!

  • Depending on activity level, calories needed per day to maintain a healthy body weight are: 1,600 – 1,800 calories per day for women and 1,800–2,400 calories per day for men
  • Think about how the per-serving calories fit with your optimal daily goal. Richer and highly processed foods may contain over half your recommended daily calories!
  • Aim for 100–200 calories for snacks and 400–500 calories for main meals.


  • Saturated or trans fat should be avoided
  • Fats should be less than 10% of your total calories — that would be less than 22 grams/day on a 2000 calories/day diet.
  • Look for trans-fats that are less than 1 gram per serving.
  • Women typically need 40–60 grams of fat per day; men need 60–90 grams of fat per day. Visualize it: 5 grams of fat = 1 teaspoon.


  • One serving of carbohydrates = 15 grams.
  • For optimal brain function, aim for at least 130 grams of carbohydrates per day.


  • A rule of thumb is to look for less than 6-8 grams of sugar per serving for cereals, snacks and granola bars.



  • Aim to limit sodium to less than 1,500–2,300 mg per day for a healthy adult:
  • That is less than 200 mg per snack, less than 500–600 mg per meal.


  • For a good source of fibre, look for 4 grams or more per serving.
  • The average adult needs 25–38 grams of fibre per day.
  • Look for whole grains or 100% whole wheat listed first in the list of ingredients.
  • For proper digestion, take care to get enough water with a high-fibre diet

Saturday April 19 2014

Clean Eating made Easy with Epicure

Sure, you’ve heard of it, but what exactly is clean eating? Registered Dietician Crystal MacGregor fills us in!

Clean eating means getting up close and personal with your food. Knowing where your food comes from and eating foods that are minimally processed and closest to their natural state found in nature.


It’s about loading up on antioxidant rich veggies, limiting processed foods, cutting back on sugar, fat and salt. It is a way of eating that is a lifestyle, a choice.  At Epicure, we call it #appyness. Know what’s in your food. Cook & Enjoy! It’s that simple.

And interestingly enough by living a good life with regular physical activity, healthy eating, eliminating smoking and excessive alcohol use could PREVENT up to 80% of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and 40% of cancers.1

Great news is that YOU have the power to change this! Use the list below to get started today.

Clean Eating

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1: United Nations NCD Summit 2011 Backgrounder, Public Agency of Health Canada